June 24, 2015

Summer in Easton

Dusk on campus, with a building foregrounded by trees

Hi! As a brief intro, my name is Sadie and I’m a rising junior. While many of my friends are spending their summers donning suits for internships or traveling the world, I decided to spend this summer at beautiful Camp Laf. Spending the summer on campus has given me the opportunity to get to know our small yet vibrant city much better. Initially, I viewed the summer as a challenge: navigate Easton, and do something new every week, without a car. I’ve enjoyed just being able to spend time outdoors, from lounging on the quad to exploring scenic spots.

Last Saturday, I spent an afternoon exploring the downtown. I started out in Quadrant, where I took refuge from the humidity and browsed their selection of antique books. Following a quick smoothie run at Terra, I stumbled upon Phyllis Vintage Boutique, a charming and well-curated collection of clothing and accessories from other eras. I ended my day back on College Hill, reading a book I picked up at Quadrant in the McKelvy House Gardens.

The patio at McKelvy House

Not Pictured: A great book and iced tea

Wandering through Easton during summer tends to work up an appetite. Easton has a myriad of delicious options, all within walking distance of campus. On lazy weekend mornings, I gravitate towards Tracy’s, a local breakfast favorite several blocks from campus. The menu features a mix of sweet and savory entrees that are all within a college student’s budget and extremely filling (the best of both worlds). Lafayette students are lucky enough to have several coffee shops to pick from. While Easton is no Portland or Seattle, there is nothing I love more than relaxing at either Cosmic Cup or Mojo Hill with a book and a refreshing iced coffee. Downtown Easton boasts everything from Thai (at Touch of Thai) to sushi (at Sogo).

A table, chairs and nearby bookshelves at the Quadrant used book store and cafe

No better place to spend a relaxing summer afternoon

I have also been trying to cook as much as possible. While the Saturday Farmer’s Market is popular among students during the semester, students on campus over the summer can pick up local produce and delicacies Wednesday nights at the Circle downtown. I am becoming more familiar with Easton, day by day, and enjoying every minute of it.

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