August 4, 2015

A Festival of Laughs – and Food

     Howdy folks. No beating around the bush today, I’m heading straight into one of my anecdotes! So, what do you get when you cross a bustling, lively town with a close knit, passionate community? If you guessed Lafayette College you would be completely correct and not even close to what I am talking about. As it turns out, the city of Easton has a large Lebanese population – err… large enough to foster a close knit community and merit an awesome heritage day celebration at least.

     Local residents gather outside Our Lady of Lebanon Church to celebrate Lebanese heritageThis community, every year for the past 38 years, has coordinated a 7-hour-long festival in downtown Easton that is open to the public. Located in the parking lot of the Our Lady of Lebanon Church, hundreds of people gathered together to celebrate their community here in Easton. There was food, drinks, music, and dancing from 5pm all the way until midnight. All in all it was a great experience, and I am glad that my friends and I decided to walk downtown to discover it.

People stand outdoors in front of a live presentation

     Now, you may be asking, “Keaton, how did you find out about this event? Are you, and everyone else at Lafayette truly that brilliant and connected to the Easton community?” The answer, of course, to that first bit is an affirming yes. But truth be told the students of Lafayette aren’t 100% knowledgeable of everything that happens downtown. I mean, how could we be? Like I said, it’s a bustling city and there’s ALWAYS stuff going on down there. In this particular instance, a good friend of mine who is actually from Easton has taken part in the festival her whole life. Her family has been actively involved in their church and community and every year they encourage their friends to become a part of that community. Plus she shared the event with me on Facebook, and it sounded like a lot of fun.

     As usual, I was totally right about that fun part. My friends and I had a blast hanging out, meeting people, eating (of course!), and listening to music. Coming from a small, rural town in Massachusetts, it was really great to be able to continue to expand my cultural horizons and experience a few hours in a brand new community and culture – completely different from what I am used to.

     And with that, my lovely readers, I bid you adieu! I will leave you with a lovely photo of my McKelvy friends who attended this event with me. Yes they knew I was taking the picture. Yes those faces were completely intentional. Yes they ARE incredibly embarrassing to go out with. Gotta love ’em…

Four Lafayette students sit outdoors with plates of food on their laps

     Also cause I’m a great friend, that dapper fellow on the left is my pal Robert Sanchez. He also writes a blog here at Voices, that you can go check out by clicking this link here. Or here. But not here.

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