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A person walks on a street in Goree, Senegal

February 3, 2015

Re-Learning to be “mahalala fomba” (respectful in Malagasy) in Senegal

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It is common sense to think that greetings are important in most cultures. I thought I knew that, but I never felt this impolite in my (short) life until I got here in Senegal. I never realized that I actually don’t greet people enough. For example, last week my mother reminded me to say hello to two different people  and three times in […]

The Senegalese dish Cembu Jen

January 30, 2015

10 Facts about Senegal (Only 4 for this entry)

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Welcome to my blog where I share my experience in Senegal, “La Teranga” or the land of hospitality. I am going to share ten major characteristics of Senegalese life and culture during the semester but for my first post I am only going to share four of them. 1- Islam Senegal has been very much […]