August 12, 2015


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By Rachel Tenney ’18 She is a messy person. It’s not that she’s a slob, it’s just that her lifestyle is “organized chaos.” This was the first thing I noticed. I walked in, and there were piles of schoolbooks and papers on the rug, a jumble of shoes next to the mini-fridge, and dirty dishes on the […]

January 17, 2015

Past & Present: My Experience with LEAP

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I’m excited for this coming semester for many reasons. I will be reunited with dear friends after a semester abroad and I’ll be living off campus in the Folk Music house. Also, I’m excited for each of my courses, for my four new professors, and to have the Skillman library as my safe haven once […]

January 13, 2015

Oh Skillman, How I Miss Thee

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Let me take you into my lair. Finals week came and I don’t think I moved from my spot in the library the entire week. Three friends and I took over a table in the basement of Skillman, and didn’t let anyone near it. The table was nothing special, spectacularly average at best. But it was […]