Kirby Hall of Civil Rights with snow on the ground before it

March 3, 2015

Let It Snow…

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The recent snowfall left Lafayette (and the surrounding areas) covered in a thick blanket of white snow. Some complained… actually many complained; it’s too cold, how will I get to class, now I can’t get food, etc. But personally, I love the snow. I wouldn’t necessarily call myself a winter person. I mean I love […]

February 17, 2014

Dancing Through Life (despite the snow!)

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Hi Everyone! As promised, I come to you this week with details regarding the Lafayette DiscipleMakers Christian Fellowship (LDCF) Valentine’s Dinner! It has become a tradition for the guys of the group to come together and cook for the girls for Valentine’s Day. My friend Katelyn and I had fun getting ready together. I love […]

February 9, 2014

Snow Stricken Streets…

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It’s been a bit of an odd week on campus. You can always count on crazy weather to bring out the oddities in people and on a campus. While some students were super negative about it all, and others stayed pretty positive, I tended to vary between the two. Almost falling a few times walking […]